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Abode Worldwide Short-Term Rental Tech Index

RESOURCES: An insight into short-term rental technology, from bookings and marketing, and property management, to security and guest experience.

Abode Worldwide Multifamily Technology Index Report

RESOURCES: An insight into multifamily technology, from sales and marketing, and property management, to security and resident experience.

ChatGPT: how does the AI tool assist public relations and content?

INSIGHTS: With the rise in conversation around ChatGPT, we outline the AI tool’s pros and cons and dive into how it affects hospitality tech public relations and content.

Ebook: Short term rental technology and the power of strategic public relations

RESOURCES: In this comprehensive ebook, short term rental tech leaders will learn the key signs that your start-up needs public relations support. The difference between strategy, planning, and SMART objectives.

Five key elements to a winning short-term rental thought leadership strategy

INSIGHTS: Thought leadership is a vital element of a winning B2B hospitality tech public relations strategy. Here are our five best tips and tricks to get you started…

Hospitality tech – why data storytelling is so powerful for your brand

INSIGHTS: Looking to elevate your hospitality tech brand? Here’s how public relations and data storytelling can help you boost your reputation, scale, and reach your goals.

Lodging tech focus: Why content will always work harder than advertising

INSIGHTS: Ever wondered what the difference is between advertising and content marketing? We outline 5 reasons why content marketing will always be superior.

Public Relations & SEO: Does it really matter?

INSIGHTS: For years, PR and SEO have worked separately to generate traction for companies big and small - but is combining the two as powerful as the experts say?

5 tips for engaging B2B hospitality tech content creation

INSIGHT: Every company no matter the industry, be it hospitality tech, property management, or property tech, has a story to tell. But how this story is told can be the difference between making or breaking your brand.

Abode Worldwide: Staying creative as an agency

INSIGHT: Have you ever wondered how creative teams, such as Abode PR, stay inventive? And how do their employees stay connected as a community through remote, hybrid, and flexible working? 

My first month as a Content Writer at Abode Worldwide

INSIGHT: The content world is booming, with companies that sell soap to multi-billion industries all pumping out information, grab buyers attention and grow their brand.