Hospitality tech and data storytelling

Hospitality tech – why data storytelling is so powerful for your brand

When it comes to public relations, a strong strategy uses a combination of the ‘traditional’ and the ‘modern’, with the latter characterized by digital PR. Where traditional PR is primarily focused on crafting press releases for brand partnerships and updates, modern PR facilitates an ongoing conversation between your hospitality brand and its target audience. Both strategies are necessary when it comes to boosting the awareness of your hospitality tech business.

Digital public relations and earned media are the keys to developing higher visibility in your specific sector, helping you reach a broader audience and establish trust through knowledge sharing, thought leadership, and data storytelling.

What is hospitality tech data storytelling?

Data storytelling content draws conclusions from data and translates this into an understandable narrative for your target audience. The aim is to provide your consumers with valuable insights that keep them engaged and influence their business decisions (such as investing in your hospitality tech product or software) so that your business can grow.

How can data storytelling benefit your hospitality tech business?

Hospitality Tech data storytelling drives campaign leads

Media connections and journalists are drawn to pitches that are backed up by valuable data. They’re often on the lookout for the next big interesting data point that will either support an ongoing story in the media or create a new one.

A great statistic can do wonders for generating a ‘clickable’ title, making your story all the more desirable to their target audience and to the journalists themselves, as it helps increase traffic to their website. Not to mention the fact that this data will give your pitch credibility.

Public relations teams are more likely to land campaigns if they’re able to offer the media stories that are readily packaged and data-driven. In doing so, you’ll begin to develop a rewarding relationship with the press who will, in the future, come directly to you for expert-led information on the topic.

Boosts engagement and trust with your brand

The aim of public relations campaigns is to build trust and credibility between your business and potential clients. Data storytelling elevates these efforts even further by enabling you to educate your audience through a comprehensive narrative that is backed by data. In some cases, data-driven stories also provide tables and infographics to make the research more digestible. This can help your audience develop a deeper understanding of your tech product, the market or the opportunity in front of them.

Provides a unique narrative

Owned data is unique to your business, giving you the upper hand to provide a new narrative in the media that will elevate you above your competitors. This means that your voice will essentially cut through ‘the noise’ of the industry, as compelling data stories will pique the interest of your target audience.

Gives your brand authority in your sector

Releasing data-backed content positions your brand, CEO, or spokesperson as a knowledgeable leader in your specific sector, which will organically strengthen your presence in the market. Because of this, your target audience will come to see you as the go-to expert for your niche, and so will gravitate towards your brand for valuable sector insights and services going forward. Building a ‘reputation’ in the industry is especially important for those new to the sector, such as start-ups.

What’s more, compelling data can quickly gain momentum if it’s picked up by other press or media. When this happens, it further solidifies your position as an authoritative voice in your industry, as increased citations from credible sources amplify your audience’s association with you as a trusted expert.

Key takeaways

  • Data-driven stories are more desirable to journalists and more engaging for your target audience.
  • Backing up your conclusions makes you more credible and therefore establishes trust and authority between your brand and potential clients.
  • Owned data gives you the upper hand in providing the media with a unique story.

How Abode Worldwide can help you land data storytelling PR

Our public relations specialists are experts in all things lodging and technology, including the short term rental, hotel, multifamily/built to rent, student accommodation, coliving, and senior living sectors. We’re well-versed in how to utilize data to capture the interest of the press, build brand authority, and raise up companies for greater awareness.

If you’re interested in seeing how we could work together, book a discovery call with us.

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