Specialist public relations and content for hotel technology

The hotel sector is embracing the benefits that SaaS and automation can bring to operations, management, and guest experience. An investment in technology is proving even more critical post-Covid to empower hotel management and team members to deliver the full guest experience.

If you’re creating innovative technology for the hotel sector, we’re here to support your growth. We’ll help you tell your story so you gain global attention, influence and trust.

Our clients have either started out in this well-established market or are looking to break into hotels. Working with a range of businesses including contactless solutions for hotels revolutionizing the guest experience as well as operational software.

“Abode PR is incredible to work with. The talent, strategy and drive on the team is top notch.”

Tom Kenyon, Vice President of B2B Product Marketing, Xplorie

Raise your profile

How can I reach and convert more customers? How can I educate hotel managers on the solution we offer?

Hotel technology public relations and content combine to create a halo effect that helps customers and other stakeholders know and understand the value you bring.

Our services will amplify your voice in the industry, building serious credibility for your brand and positioning your C-suite team as trusted technology leaders worth listening to. It’s about creating maximum impact, giving your brand real star power and attracting the best opportunities, investors and partners in business.

Gain global attention, influence, and trust

Our lodging tech focus, global connections, and unique blend of public relations and content marketing services will:

  • Support your vision for growth
  • Build your sector authority and reputation
  • Enhance your market leadership position
  • Create awareness in new markets – fast
  • Support your value proposition positioning
  • Prove credibility and build trust in the run-up to an IPO

Why Abode Worldwide?

What makes Abode the right partner for you?

  • We are lodging technology sector specialists. Our niche focus and years of experience mean you won’t have to educate us on the market. We understand how to frame and position your story, and understand the pain points of the hotels brands and managers that are your customers.
  • We are fully immersed in the lodging tech industry, well connected with solid relationships with the leading media outlets, conferences, associations and influencers.
  • We take time to fully understand your strategy and business goals, and become an extension of your team, your expert content partners.
  • We can dovetail your public relations and content marketing activity to great effect.

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World’s first membership-based hotelmarketplace

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Is this you?

We work with software solutions (SaaS) helping hotels run better, more efficient businesses and giving guests a great experience as well as hardware.

Property Management Software, Property Care and Operations, Revenue and Pricing Tools, Access and Contactless Solutions, Smart Property Monitoring, Channel Management, Booking Platforms, Loyalty Programs, Guest Experience, Guest Communications, Workflow Apps, AI and Voice Technology


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