Here are a list of our most asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

When can we expect to see results from your work?

When we start working together we will carry out a 360 review of your business. We like to get under the skin of what you do. We will then present you with a PR strategy – our roadmap for how we will achieve your business goals. Once this has been agreed, we will get to work implementing the strategy and you will start to see the results of our rise program. For content marketing, we work in a similar way, putting a content strategy (underpinned by SEO and industry expertise) in place first. When this has been signed off, we will create your inbound content.

What’s the onboarding process? What do you need from us?

The onboarding process as a PR client is straightforward and we will take you through it step by step. We will explain how we work with clients, our processes, share files and set up a regular weekly meeting etc. The process is all about us getting to know your business and understanding how you like to work, so we can tailor our approach. We will ask you for various information about the company, your spokespeople, your branding, your previous PR experience, your marketing collateral, your company images. We won’t rush you on these requests, we will give you time to get all the resources together.

How much input do you need from us and our team?

B2B PR works best when it’s a partnership relationship – a two-way street. We will be able to perform at our best the more information, insight, opinions and data you can give us. That said, we are experts in our sectors so we will also be there to offer strategic advice, high-level thinking and industry knowledge. So, the answer is, we need as much input from you as you can give us – but we know and understand that running a business is hugely time consuming!

Who writes the articles?

When we secure a thought leadership opportunity for you in the press, we will work with you and your team to plan what opinions and information you’d like to include in the article. We will then get to work writing the article before it goes back to you for approval.

What’s the difference between PR and inbound content?

PR is strategic reputation building in your sector. We will raise you up to be a thought leader through earned media opportunities, speaking opportunities and a joined-up communications strategy. Content marketing is your owned, inbound content. The content which drives traffic to your website, builds awareness of your brand and generates sales leads.

Why does my business need inbound content and how does this contribute to my PR strategy?

Inbound content is your company’s owned content. Blogs, reports and whitepapers sit on your website, attracting the right type of customers to your business, who can then be further nurtured with email / newsletter marketing. Done well, PR and content creation are the perfect marriage. They are both key parts of your marketing toolkit. Content creation can support current PR campaigns, emphasizing core messages, answering pain point questions from potential customers and ultimately driving traffic to your website. At Abode, our PR and content teams are in regular contact and work in tandem to produce targeted results.

Are you a ‘traditional’ PR agency or do you have a more integrated ‘digital’ approach?

Abode is a modern, digital PR and content marketing agency. Digital is now the status quo and we use an integrated approach to reach a broader audience and a greater online presence.

You already work with one of our competitors, how can we ensure that you will also do a great job for us?

We work with numerous companies in the lodging sector and may well have partnered with one of your competitors at some point. We are experts in your sector, but also professionals at what we do. As a result, as an agency, we have an ethical wall arrangement whereby no info or secrets would ever be passed on to any other companies. We ensure that our talented PR specialists would never work on two competitors at any one time to further prevent cross over. If you decided to partner with us, you will be in good company and reap the benefits of those industry connections.

Your team is mostly based in the UK, how come you work with North American companies and how do you know the North American media landscape?

Yes, our team is mostly based in the UK (although many of us work remotely internationally at times). We love working with a range of tech companies – as our name suggests, Abode Worldwide! Our team has always enjoyed building up the reputations of innovative tech companies in North America and therefore has great experience of the media there and in multiple markets around the world.

Your team is mostly based in the UK, but we’re in a different time zone. How does that work?

When you decide to work with us as a PR client, we will set a weekly call time to catch up on progress. We always make sure this time works well for you and the team is always working away on PR and content creation throughout our relationship. You won’t notice the time zone difference!

Do you deal with press in languages other than English?

No, but we can try and find you a partner agency who does.