Specialist public relations and content for the tech solutions transforming the multifamily sector

The multifamily real estate market’s adoption of property and operational tech has been propelled forward by recent global events. Industry-wide, these innovative technologies address everything from operational inefficiencies to meeting guest expectations and are now the ‘new normal’.

Abode Worldwide works with the tech companies supporting the multifamily operators, whether they run an enterprise-level portfolio or are scaling towards this goal. If you’re a tech innovator in this space and have ambitions to launch a new product, raise awareness of your brand, or expand your reach on an international level, trust in our specialist knowledge, public relations skills, and content creation expertise to get you where you want to be.

“We liked the team. We liked the work they produce. It just made sense, to give them a shot and they knocked it out of the park. On a monthly basis, we’re reaching 10,000 plus people in any given industry publication and that’s incredibly valuable.”

Andi Cox, Senior Marketing Manager, PointCentral

Raise Your Profile

Public relations and content combine to create a halo effect that helps customers and other stakeholders know and understand the value you bring.

Our services will amplify your voice in the industry, building serious recognition for your brand and positioning your C-suite team as trusted technology leaders worth listening to. It’s about creating maximum impact, giving your brand real star power, and attracting the best opportunities, investors, and partners in business.

Gain global attention, influence, and trust

Our mulitfamily sector focus, global connections, and unique blend of public relations and content marketing services will:

  • Support your vision for growth
  • Build your sector authority and reputation
  • Enhance your market leadership position
  • Create awareness in new markets – fast
  • Support your value proposition positioning
  • Prove credibility and build trust in the run-up to an IPO

Why Abode Worldwide?

  • We are lodging and real estate sector specialists. Our niche focus and years of experience mean that you won’t have to educate us on the market. We understand how to frame and position your story, and understand the pain points of the multifamily operators that are your customers.
  • We are fully immersed in the lodging tech industry, well connected with solid relationships with the leading media outlets, conferences, associations and influencers.
  • We take time to fully understand your strategy and business goals, and become an extension of your team, your expert content partners.
  • We can dovetail your public relations and content marketing activity to great effect.

Industry insight and resources

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Automation for multifamily & short term rentals

POINTCENTRAL: Our mission is to raise PointCentral’s reputation through trade media relations, speaking opportunities, inbound content, and social media. To date, PointCentral has reached over 23.6 million online readers through our media campaigns. and a 39% increase in organic traffic.

Is this you?

Our clients are CMOs and CEOs of multifamily technology firms providing innovative solutions to improve guest experiences and ease the operational management of multifamily operators.

Property Care and Operations, Property Management Software, Property Automation and Smart Tech, Guest Experience Platforms, Guest Communication Tools.

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