Short-term rental tech
Short-term rental tech

Abode Worldwide Short-Term Rental Tech Index

An insight into the technology of the short-term rental sector, from bookings and property management to security and guest expereice.

Abode Worldwide’s Short-Term Rental Tech index report provides a detailed summary of many of the new and existing innovative technologies operating in the short-term rental sector across the US, UK and Europe.

The reports lists over 200 technology suppliers covering segments including marketing and booking, property management, guest experience, security and guest safety plus rising tech pioneers to watch in 2024. 

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“Partnering with Abode has been a game changer for the STAA. From the moment we engaged their services, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment to our success. What sets Abode apart is their dedication to understanding the unique needs of a trade association and our sector, tailoring their strategies accordingly. I recommend Abode Worldwide to anyone looking to elevate their organisations’ reputation and market presence.”  

Andy Fenner, CEO of the Short Term Accommodation Association

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