Multifamily technology
Multifamily tech report

Abode Worldwide Multifamily Technology Index Report

An insight into the technology of the multifamily sector, from sales and marketing, and property management, to security and resident experience.

Abode Worldwide’s Multifamily Technology index report provides a detailed summary of many of the new and existing innovative technologies operating in the multifamily sector across the US, UK and Europe.

The reports lists over 100 technology suppliers covering segments including sales & marketing, property management, ESG, security, resident experience plus rising tech pioneers. 

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“We liked the team. We liked the work they produce. It just made sense, to give them a shot and they knocked it out of the park. On a monthly basis, we’re reaching 10,000 plus people in any given industry publication and that’s incredibly valuable.”

Andi Cox, Senior Marketing Manager, PointCentral