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“Abode has played a big role in Breezeway’s growth as a brand and thought-leader. Jessica and her team are experts in crafting positioning and storytelling within the hospitality space, and are well-versed with how new trends affect operators, suppliers, owners and travelers.”

Ben Firn, VP of Growth & Marketing, Breezeway

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Do you feel you’re not being seen or heard by the right people and are ready to take your brand to the next level? Amplify your message with global media coverage and digital public relations.

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Are you an expert in your field, with fresh insight but lacking the time and capacity to get it down on paper? Want to raise awareness and understanding of what you do to help propel your sales efforts? Educate your customers with expert technology thought leadership content.

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Ebook: Short term rental technology and the power of strategic public relations

RESOURCES: In this comprehensive ebook, short term rental tech leaders will learn the key signs that your start-up needs public relations support. The difference between strategy, planning, and SMART objectives.

Pillow Talk#5: Semi-rational decisions, owner churn, end of the gold rush, Space as a Service, London Calling

PILLOW TALK: A regular newsletter where Abode Worldwide’s founder and CEO, Jessica Gillingham shares musings, learnings and insight about the pioneering lodging technology brands and operators transforming the way we work, rest and play.

Lodging tech focus: Why content will always work harder than advertising

INSIGHTS: Ever wondered what the difference is between advertising and content marketing? We outline 5 reasons why content marketing will always be superior.


Jessica’s latest views

Our founder, Jessica Gillingham shares insight with ShortTermRentalz on her 2023 predictions for the travel and hospitality sectors

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