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“Abode has played a big role in Breezeway’s growth as a brand and thought-leader. Jessica and her team are experts in crafting positioning and storytelling within the hospitality space, and are well-versed with how new trends affect operators, suppliers, owners and travelers.”

Ben Firn, VP of Growth & Marketing, Breezeway

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Futurizing: Metaverse, remote working and how we meet the demand for places to stay

INSIGHT: Recently I watched Mark Zuckerberg’s video release announcing their re-brand to Meta and his plans for Facebook’s Metaverse.

How vacation rentals have captured the media landscape

INSIGHT: Reputation and culture are not just buzz words for the moment. They are the cognizant foundations for any business that plans to grow in a sustainable and purposeful way. When a company’s culture and reputation is seen as integral to its core and that company is able to communicate its purpose outwardly

5 things we’ve learned over 5 years in the lodging industry

INSIGHT: How to become an expert in B2B technology PR for the hospitality industry: what our agency has learned over 5 years in public relations.


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Our founder, Jessica Gillingham shares insight with Hospitality Technology – What Can Hotels Learn from Short-Term Rental Technology Innovation?

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