The content world is booming, with companies that sell soap to multi-billion industries all pumping out information, grab buyers attention and grow their brand. The short term rental, hospitality and proptech industries are no exception. In fact, content marketing for our clients is a vital part of what we do.

What’s it like at Abode Worldwide?

As someone who’s worked with companies in varying industries, it’s a relief to finally find a place with a good work culture. Abode Worldwide are inclusive and respectful of one another, and they made me feel welcome from my very first day. In any job, I believe having a great team and feeling equally part of it boosts both job satisfaction and therefore productivity. It’s because of this, that even as a new starter, I love my job.

Abode Worldwide’s content team

Abode Worldwide is currently growing the content side of the business and I’m so glad to be a part of this process. I work with Content and Media Relations Manager, Helen Wedgewood, to produce blogs, whitepapers, email marketing and a whole lot more for our clients, including some of our pure content clients. Her guidance and years of publishing and industry knowledge has made my transition into the role smooth and easy.

Where do I write?

  • Flexible working: Even before the pandemic and the rise of the digital nomad, writers have worked remotely for a number of years, benefiting from quiet or inspirational spaces. Abode Worldwide’s flexible working allows for working in a way that suits each individual, as we all work differently, and for me that’s usually somewhere quiet.
  • Working virtually: Communication can be a weakness in remote working, but the team overcomes this by having regular face-to-face catch ups in coffee shops, virtual meetings when working remotely and a messaging group to stay in contact throughout the day. Helen and I have virtual meetings daily to discuss workload and content deadlines, ensuring everything is on track, and in person lunches for a general catch up.
  • Office: We have an office area too, where we can work in a communal space and have in person meetings. This contrast of work locations can be good to change things up, and even offer inspiration as a writer. It’s also great to have some days working around the team.

My experience

I’ve always been an avid reader and often would stay up until four in the morning as a teenager to finish a good book. At that time, I ran my own blog reviewing books for publishing houses and authors who reached out. I went on to study Creative Writing at Bath Spa University where I learnt the skills necessary to become a professional writer.

Learning the industry

So, I already had blog writing experience and the passion for writing, but what about the knowledge? Did I know what short term rentals and proptech meant before working here? Absolutely not. But I had experienced tech advanced rentals before when staying in a contactless apartment for my honeymoon and have always been interested in how tech works.

Abode Worldwide introduced me to clients straight away – which sounds daunting, but was actually really helpful for me to understand how things work. And then I spent a lot of time researching each client and the industry as a whole. But the thing that really helped me get to know the short term rental and hospitality tech industry, was writing about it! I learn by doing and to write you have to understand your subject.

Team building

I’ve been at Abode Worldwide for a short amount of time, but I’ve already been able to attend one of their training sessions with coach Helen Campbell. The session was focused on our personalities and how these impact how we like to work, how to respect how our team members work and how to praise them in a way they appreciate.

We put together some team goals for the coming months and strategies to offload any worries we have, as well as celebrate our wins!

This was a fantastic opportunity to really get to know my new team and for them to get to know me. It’s clear Abode Worldwide prioritises the culture and relationships with their team as well as offering personal progression through these training sessions. And I look forward to my developing career with them.

About Maryann Holmes

Maryann is a content writer with Abode Worldwide. She studied Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and graduated in 2016. Her experience using blogging and social media for marketing, along with a passion for impactful, inspiring writing is an addition to the content team.

When not writing for work, Maryann writes contemporary free-form poetry and fiction novels.