Hospitality Tech PR strategy

Hospitality Tech: Rebranding? How to align with your PR strategy

Here’s how to make good use of a rebrand by aligning your hospitality tech PR strategy.

A rebrand offers a moment to refocus, reassess and redefine your way forward. It takes hold of the most tangible asset that we have in communication with our audience — our logo, graphic language and tone of voice — and tips it on its head. It can be an exciting catalyst for growth and development.

You’ve invested in a rebrand — what now?

You’ve taken the time to refocus on who you are and what your business represents within the hospitality industry. You’ve honed your mission, focused on your core values, and established your vision. It’s been a reinvigorating journey. Your ambition is renewed and your new visual identity indicates your commitment to the cause. But what now? How do you leverage this investment and breathe life into your new brand?

Step up PR.

Your hopsitality tech PR strategy is the ongoing application of your brand. Hand in hand, impactful branding and successful PR campaigns will elevate your business profile, build trust, and engage your audience. Your PR strategy is an integral part of the journey to your brand vision, it is a defined plan which helps your business translate its brand proposition to the desired target audience.

Embodying the tone of voice, core values, and brand personality, public relations delivers your hospitality tech brand to the world through a trusted and influential media lens.

It’s time to revisit your hospitality tech PR strategy.

So, how do you align your rebranding strategy with your PR approach?

  • Seamless integration. Both branding and PR are integral to reputation management and development. Your PR objectives need to be reviewed to ensure they reflect your new brand purpose and any repositioning. Challenges and opportunities should be re-assessed to confirm they remain relevant — perhaps your branding had been constraining your reputation, it’s no longer a challenge to overcome but an opportunity to utilize.
  • Think of PR as an extension of your brand. Ensure your PR strategy adopts your tone of voice and messaging, and weaves it throughout the narrative of your campaigns. A coherent approach is essential for strengthening brand identity, ensuring the audience can understand and connect with the business.
  • Placement. Has your business focus shifted? Your audience altered? Has a rebrand enabled you to aim higher? Then the chances are your target audience has changed too. Consider your new audience and how you might reach them — perhaps thought leadership development and earned content are higher on the agenda now.
  • Consistency is key. Brands that reach their audience aren’t afraid to repeat themselves. Your revised PR campaigns should relentlessly return to the updated brand personality and values — results should create memorable messaging that is clearly identifiable and owned by your brand. Think Coca-Cola and their 1915 brief for a “bottle so distinct that you would recognize it by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

A successful rebrand

Leveraging the core components of your brand, PR is essential for business growth following a rebrand. It will steer your stakeholders to your door, creating what we like to call a ‘halo’ effect of enhanced trust, reputation, and influence.

Successful hospitality tech brands will reach their audience by developing a PR strategy that clearly and consistently shares their core values with the most appropriate audiences, crafting a narrative that positions them as leaders in the marketplace. This is no small task, which is why an expert in the field can become an invaluable resource and ally.

At Abode, we are committed to becoming trusted partners with our clients, helping them to build this influence and gain market share. Our cut-through public relations approach with unique industry partnerships, in-depth sector insight, and worldwide reach means we are best placed to supercharge your brand.

Want to know how we can elevate your profile and help your brand reach its potential? Drop us a line, send us an email or book a discovery call. We’d love to talk.

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