B2B PR for hospitality tech

The power of B2B public relations: building reputations for growth

Your success, your conversion rates, your reputation – all of these factors hinge on what the consumer market and investors in the hospitality tech industry really think about you and your business. This is an obvious yet often overlooked aspect of marketing that many managers fail to factor into their corporate strategy.

It’s understandable; you’re rightly focused on all the moving parts involved in building your business: your team, your product, your finances. So, why not let a specialized public relations company handle the rest? Not only will you and your business benefit from building a positive reputation, but you can also discover and then harness learnings from what your customers are truly thinking about your services or product.

At Abode Worldwide, we care deeply about how your business is perceived because we know from experience that a well-nurtured, highly regarded corporate reputation is not only precious but it’s what distinguishes you from your competitors and generates sales.

What is a corporate reputation?

By definition, it’s the widely-held belief or impression that others have about your business. It’s the unspoken link between marketing and sales that translates into leads and ultimately business wins.

How public relations can help your business

A well-crafted B2B public relations strategy builds up and manages your company’s precious reputation and is, without doubt, one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. Not convinced? Not sure what PR actually does?

Well, think for a moment about how your target customers and investors, be they property managers or hotels, for example, get their information, do their research, and form their opinions. Today, in this digital age, most people absorb this from online industry or national publications, social media, blogs, and podcasts – through content (see here to find out why B2B content has never been so valuable).

Effective public relations is the business of persuasion through these channels. Public relations professionals, like us at Abode Worldwide, succeed by shaping how your company is perceived, communicating to your target market, and then elevating your reputation higher. We do this by generating awareness in target industry press of what your business does, what you sell or offer, and most importantly why your tech product or platform is the best in its field.

The 3 key pillars of a winning B2B public relations strategy:

  1. Media relations with targeted publications to generate brand awareness and keep your company front of mind.
  2. Thought leadership articles by your company’s CEO or leading spokesperson to build reputation, trust, and credibility in your brand.
  3. Content creation, through blogs, white papers, case studies, newsletters, emails, and social media to educate your target audience through showing rather than telling why your business is the right choice.

By its very nature, public relations is sometimes seen as a dark art because its work happens under the radar, as it should. Media coverage of a product launch or an industry partnership, opinion articles by your CEO in PhocusWire or Hospitality Technology, blog content (SEO optimized) for your website – all of these elements speak to your target audience, educate your buyers and help to push sales over the line.

According to Muck Rack’s The State of PR 2022 report, 78% of brands work with agencies to enhance their reputation.

If you are a tech company operating in the short-term rental, hotel, multifamily, coliving, student accommodation, or later living industry and would like to speak to us about working together, please contact us here for an informal chat.

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