Short term rental media coverage

Five top tips to maximize your short term rental media coverage

Achieving media coverage for your short term rental business is hard work. It requires patience, persistence, and the ability to spot and create content and news that is interesting, relevant, and worthy of being consumed and shared. So, when you or your company achieves that brilliant article or gets featured in a news story, make sure that your media coverage is working for you way beyond just the initial excitement and traffic spike.

How can you do this? Companies can widen the impact of press coverage by making sure it reaches all the key players in the short term rental industry, be they enterprise property managers, proptech and hospitality tech investors, or other publications who might pick up the story.

With digital PR, online coverage has an infinite shelf-life, so make the most of it with our 5 top tips to maximize your B2B media coverage to get all the benefits of third-party endorsement:

Don’t be shy, share (and share again)

Media coverage loves to be shared on social media. Not once, not twice, but many times over. Don’t be shy about this, and don’t just share an article on the day it gets published. You should share it several times over the first month or two at least (unless it’s time sensitive of course). To keep this varied, freshen up the intro copy or pick different elements of the article to highlight. Remember also to tag the publication and journalist and use hashtags for further amplification. Publications really appreciate it when their content is shared – just like you.

Why does sharing your wins on social media matter? Social media platforms have the potential to increase your business’s visibility. Better yet, it gives you a space to create connections with consumers and other businesses and to build trust in your brand.

Leverage LinkedIn

Your own personal LinkedIn profile is a great place to share your media coverage and increase your credibility. Again @mention the publication, journalist, and relevant colleagues when you post. The more traction (likes, shares, reactions, comments) a social media post gets, the further it can reach, including appearing higher on the news feed to gain even more visibility. To maximize your post’s viewership, ensure you build an extensive network of connections – research shows that the size of your LinkedIn network can positively impact your reach.

To really get the most out of LinkedIn, add links to your media coverage in the ‘Experience’ section of your profile under ‘media’. LinkedIn often picks up coverage of members and shares it as part of the ‘Mentioned in the News’ feature. But make sure your privacy settings allow for this.

Create an ‘in the news’ page

Create a press center on your company website dedicated to media coverage and the press. An ‘in the news’ page showing the logos of publications that have featured your company adds a good deal of credibility for prospective customers and partners. Also, add headlines and links to your coverage. Your press center is a good place to host press releases, information about key team members, downloadable images, logos, and videos.

Tell your team

Don’t underestimate the importance of sharing with your colleagues or staff the media coverage your company has achieved. Send round an email with a link or share in Slack and ask colleagues and staff to share the coverage with their own social networks. Your media coverage might hit new clients/investors/partners in the industry or even wider.

And don’t forget to ask them to interact with your business’s or spokesperson’s social media posts too. As we said, the more interaction you get on a post, the more successful it can be in reaching your audience. So, get your whole team to comment, like, share, and before you know it, your business will be at the top of everyone’s feed.

What about your company newsletter?

It’s astonishing how often companies forget about sharing their media coverage directly with their customers, suppliers, and partners in the short term rental industry. Media coverage is perfect for including in the company newsletter, and it has the bonus of not requiring you to come up with new content – reuse where you can! Sharing your coverage also reinforces the message that you are a brand to be reckoned with.

Key takeaways

Want to make the most of your press hits or media wins? Shout it from the rooftops by sharing it across your socials and within company announcements like newsletters for maximum exposure and impact. Involve your team to help push the message and up interactions on social media posts. Create a permanent space for wins to live on your company website – and see your success amplified.

If you’re a short term rental tech brand looking to gain media wins and press hits, get in touch here to see how we could work together.


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