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Hospitality technology PR specialist Abode Worldwide makes three key hires

NEWS: Abode Worldwide, a public relations agency in the hospitality and living sectors, has announced three key hires as it seeks to execute its ambitious growth plan.

Abode Worldwide Short-Term Rental Tech Index

RESOURCES: An insight into short-term rental technology, from bookings and marketing, and property management, to security and guest experience.

The Hospitality Conference Guide 2024

RESOURCES: Whether you're a tech vendor, hotel operator, owner or investor, here’s a comprehensive guide to finding your hospitality conference in 2024.

The Short Term Rental Conference Guide 2024

RESOURCES: Whether you're a tech vendor, property manager, host, or simply curious about this dynamic sector, here’s a comprehensive list of key conferences for the short-term rental industry through 2024.

Tread carefully: Earned vs paid media and the power of brand value

INSIGHT: It can be hard and confusing to see the difference between earned and paid media. By displaying the power of brand value, we can help.

Changing perceptions of the short term rental industry: The stories we need to tell

INSIGHT: The short term rental sector is constantly evolving and growing, meaning views will shift. Here's the changes you need to be aware of.

Abode Worldwide Multifamily Technology Index Report

RESOURCES: An insight into multifamily technology, from sales and marketing, and property management, to security and resident experience.

Why your public relations and reputation strategy are vital for funding

INSIGHT: Every funding journey needs a solid public relations strategy to help boost its reputation to increase the likelihood of investment. Here's a breakdown of the different stages of funding.

Skift Short-Term Rental Summit 2023

EVENTS: Abode's founder Jessica Gillingham spoke at the Skift Short-Term Rental Summit in NYC this June. The topic was 'Why Reputation and Storytelling Matter for the Industry'

Hospitality Technology: Rebranding? How to align with your PR strategy

INSIGHTS: How to make good use of your rebranding by aligning it with your hospitality tech PR strategy.

Hospitality Technology: The importance of storytelling in public relations

INSIGHTS: How storytelling can elevate your hospitality technology for greater brand awareness and leadership in the sector.

ChatGPT: how does the AI tool assist public relations and content?

INSIGHTS: With the rise in conversation around ChatGPT, we outline the AI tool’s pros and cons and dive into how it affects hospitality tech public relations and content.