Skift Short-Term Rental Summit

Skift Short-Term Rental Summit 2023

The Skift Short Term Rental Summit brought together leaders from across the short-term rental sector.

In June 2023, Abode Worldwide attended the Skift Short-Term Rental Summit in New York with our founder and CEO Jessica Gillingham speaking about ‘Why reputation and storytelling matters for the industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about the summit.

The annual event hosted short-term rental industry leaders from across the globe to discuss the sector’s key trends as well as future predictions.

One of the main discussion points was the changes in regulation that are becoming increasingly commonplace across geographies. Many cities and popular destinations are bringing in tougher regulations on short-term rentals without inclusion from the short-term rental sector. This is a major challenge for the industry and something that’s constantly evolving – meaning that new ways to navigate these regulations are always needed.

AI was front and centre as you’d expect in many conversations, as the industry works out how to get to grips with it the changes that artificial intelligence presents for hospitality, operations and management. It’s clear that AI isn’t going away, and short-term rental brands will have to embrace it sooner rather than later, with those that have already using the tools, seeing vast changes in the way they can operate.

Our founder and CEO, Jessica Gillingham, also took to the stage with a talk on why reputation and storytelling matters for the industry, speaking from her wealth of experience as a public relations innovator in the short-term rental and hospitality sectors. Click the video below to watch Jessica’s full talk:

The blurring of the lines between short-term rentals, multifamily and real estate sectors was also a hot topic at the summit. This follows Airbnb’s announcement of Airbnb-friendly apartments with selected multifamily buildings able to list their units on the platform, opening the door to exciting new opportunities and partnerships.

Other speakers included executives from Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy, Whimstay, Plum Guide, VTrips, Vacasa, Blueground, Rent Responsibly, Under the Doormat and Sonder.

Our key takeaways from the Skift Short-Term Rental Summit:

  • Regulation is a major challenge for the industry and the sleeping giant (for some) in the corner.
  • The crossover with new sectors, including the multifamily and real estate sectors is accelerating at pace.
  • Data, technology and AI are increasingly important to the industry, with short-term rental brands changing the way they use sources to improve their businesses at all levels.

To find out more about the event visit the link here.

The next Skift event in conjunction with International Hospitality Media is being held in London on October 18th 2023.

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