What we do

We supercharge your potential

Public relations and content marketing combine to create a halo effect that helps customers and other stakeholders know and understand your brand.

Our services will amplify your voice in the industry, building serious recognition for your brand and positioning your C-suite team as trusted leaders worth listening to. It’s about creating maximum impact, giving your brand real star power and attracting the best opportunities, investors and partners in business.

Our niche sector focus, global connections, and unique blend of services will:

  • Support your vision for growth
  • Build your sector authority and reputation
  • Enhance your market leadership position
  • Create awareness in new markets – fast
  • Support your value proposition positioning
  • Prove credibility and build trust

Communications strategy

Linking directly to your business objectives, we build communications strategies that ensure you get a great return on our input.

Call on our deep sector knowledge

Abode Worldwide client niche

Abode Worldwide operates at the heart of the property and hospitality ecosystem. It has taken time and effort to cultivate our sector knowledge and contacts. Working with us means plugging directly into that network and accessing the right people to help your brand shine.

We understand the pain points and motivations of property managers, hotel managers, asset owners, operators and investors. Likewise we know the demands of their guests, tenants, and residents. Our communications highlight the value our clients provide to their customers, with compelling messaging that inspires action.

Our tried and tested process, built on decades of insight and hands-on experience, leaves no opportunity unexplored. We assess our clients’ past, present and future, and plot a tailored roadmap to success.

Interested in working with us?

To discover how we can raise the profile, reputation and influence of your brand – start your journey by booking an initial discovery call with our founder Jessica Gillingham.


“We liked the team. We liked the work they produce. It just made sense, to give them a shot and they knocked it out of the park. On a monthly basis, we’re reaching 10,000 plus people in any given industry publication and that’s incredibly valuable.”

Andi Cox, Senior Marketing Manager, PointCentral

Client success stories

Property care and operations pioneer

BREEZEWAY: Covered in target press including Property Investor Today, New York Times, VRM Intel, VRMA Arrival, Skift, Phocuswire, Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal and more. Consistent, on-brand exposure to customers, prospects, strategic partners, and stakeholders has boosted Breezeway’s positioning in the vacation and short-term rental industry.

A brand elevating the guest experience

XPLORIE / XEVA: During our partnership, Abode Worldwide achieved 26 thousand coverage views and reached a readership of 351 thousand for Xplorie. Expert SEO-driven B2B content enhanced the company’s website, its reputation and encouraged conversions.

STR channel management innovators

RENTALS UNITED: During our partnership, Rentals United was awarded $4 million in funding and became a technology partner to Google. As a result of our thought leadership strategy and media outreach program, we were able to enhance the reputation of Rental United’s CMO and CEO in the media, leading to industry recognition and credibility.