Short term rental trends 2024

Jessica Gillingham on STRz Webinar: Short Term Rental Trends 2024

Jessica Gillingham, our founder and CEO, spoke alongside other industry leaders on ShortTermRentalz latest webinar covering trends in 2024.

Regenerative tourism, brand authenticity, consolidation and AI were among the predictions and short term rental industry trends to look out for in 2024.

Jessica was joined on the panel by Hector Hughes, co-founder of Unplugged, Neely Khan, managing director at I-PRAC, Bram Gallagher, economist at AirDNA and Robin Craigen, co-founder and CEO of Moving Mountains for a session that was moderated by Paul Stevens, editor at ShortTermRentalz.

Click below to hear what Jessica and the rest of the panel had to say:

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