The Challenge

Revyoos’ mission is to bring neutral trust and credibility to short-term rental professionals by aggregating genuine customer reviews from all the different distribution channels and platforms. The team has created an easy-to-use platform with a customizable widget that helps property managers & owners improve their credibility, SEO, conversion and gives them control over their reviews. Abode Worldwide partnered with Revyoos to enhance brand awareness within the short-term rental ecosystem.

“Together we made a fantastic team and we are delighted with all the press coverage achieved. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to make better strategic decisions, not only at a communication level, but also in terms of our branding.”

Christophe Salmon, Co-founder and CEO, Revyoos

Our Solution

Over a 6-week launch, our team completed a 360-degree review of Revyoos’ communications strategy, working closely with the CEO to refine the value proposition, identify PR opportunities and challenges, review all content and messaging, and distribute press announcements.


We secured on-brand exposure and coverage of the Revyoos’ ‘story’ in target industry press, reaching a combined readership of more than a quarter-million. During the campaign, Revyoos won the VrTech 2020 awards – showcasing the most innovative start-ups in the vacation and short-term rental industry – and was profiled on the PhocusWire Start-up Stage.  The company also saw a 460% increase in LinkedIn followers, and 1000% increase in engagement.

6-week launch

Media coverage was achieved in top-tier publications, resulting in features reaching a combined targeted readership of more than a quarter-million.

V-Tech winner 2020

During the campaign, Revyoos won the VrTech 2020 awards and was profiled on the PhocusWire Start-up Stage.

Social media

460% increase in LinkedIn followers and 1000% increase in engagement.

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