Company Overview

PointCentral, a subsidiary of Alarm.com, is the leading provider of rental property automation for short-term rental and multifamily property managers. Its platform monitors and controls smart home technology across all properties in their inventory over a secure and reliable cellular network – increasing property awareness, reducing operational costs, and improving guest and resident satisfaction. The PointCentral solutions include Community Access, HVAC Management, Self-Guided Tours, Smart Home Management, and Water Management.


The Challenge

Abode Worldwide first started working with PointCentral on its short-term rental solution in January 2021. Our mission was to raise PointCentral’s reputation in the traditional vacation rental and wider short-term rental sectors through trade media relations, speaking opportunities, inbound content, and social media.

Within four months, we won the account to manage PointCentral’s multifamily side of the business too. Working across both the short-term rental and multifamily sectors required creating specific strategies and campaigns to meet the challenges of both target audiences, along with expert industry insight in each sector.

“We liked the team. We liked the work they produce. It just made sense, to give them a shot and they knocked it out of the park. On a monthly basis, we’re reaching 10,000 plus people in any given industry publication and that’s incredibly valuable.”

Andi Cox, Senior Marketing Manager, PointCentral

Our Solution

The Abode Worldwide team has worked with PointCentral on various media campaigns. So far, PointCentral been covered in target industry media including PhocusWire, VRM Intel, ShortTermRentalz, VRMA Arrival, Multifamily Insights, Yield Pro, NAA Units Magazine, Rental Housing Journal and on podcasts including Millionacres, Multifamily Insights Podcast and Proptech Espresso.

The content team has worked closely with PointCentral to develop their unique tone of voice and create high-quality inbound content, including SEO expert blogs, case studies, white papers and interviews.


To date, PointCentral has reached over 23.6 million online readers through our media campaigns. Sharing invaluable tips, data and insights through with their customers through content marketing has further cemented PointCentral’s authority in the short-term rental and multifamily sectors, and led to a 39% increase in organic traffic to the website.

Managing PointCentral’s social media channels has ensured all social content is on brand and consistent, resulting in a 24% follower increase on LinkedIn alone and over 1,000 social media engagements on inbound content. Consistent, on-brand exposure to customers, prospects, strategic partners, and stakeholders has solidified PointCentral’s reputation as the go-to provider of proptech in the short-term rental and multifamily space.

Media Results

Over 23.6 million online readers • 1,000 social media engagements on inbound content • uplift of 39% in organic traffic


VRMA Arrival • Travel Daily News • ShortTermRentalz • PhocusWire • Property Reporter • VRM Intel • Motely Fool Millionacres Podcast • Vacation Rental Success Podcast • Short-term Rental Secrets • Slick Talk Podcast • Proptech Espresso  • Travel Daily Media • Proptech-X


  • Industry recognition
  • Speaking opportunities for c-suite
  • Clear inbound content strategy and program
  • Focused and coherent external communications

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A brand elevating the guest experience

XPLORIE / XEVA: During our partnership, Abode Worldwide achieved 26 thousand coverage views and reached a readership of 351 thousand for Xplorie. Expert SEO-driven B2B content enhanced the company’s website, its reputation and encouraged conversions.

Powerful channel marketing and reservation support

JETSTREAM: Abode Worldwide has worked closely with the Jetstream leadership and marketing teams to provide strategic public relations and communications consultancy, resulting in consistent, on-brand exposure to customers, prospects, and strategic partners.

STR channel management innovators

RENTALS UNITED: During our partnership, Rentals United was awarded $4 million in funding and became a technology partner to Google. As a result of our thought leadership strategy and media outreach program, we were able to enhance the reputation of Rental United’s CMO and CEO in the media, leading to industry recognition and credibility.

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