Company Overview

Bidroom is a true pioneer in the travel industry, having made headlines when it launched as the world’s first membership-based hotel booking platform back in 2016. Today, Bidroom continues its mission to make the hotel industry fair for both travelers and hotels, by enabling hotels to get bookings with no commission and instead offering discounts and added perks to Bidroom members.


The Challenge

The Bidroom team approached us back in late 2021 to help them build Bidroom’s reputation in the hotel industry, growing their number of hotel partners and ultimately raising its profile as a premium distribution channel for hoteliers worldwide. We worked with the team to develop a strategy, through public relations and content, that would communicate the company’s innovative approach to technology in the sector and also share educational content with prospective partners.

“Many thanks to the entire team for your fantastic support and excellent work.”

Caroline Dal’lin, Commercial VP, Bidroom

Our Solution

We started by launching Bidroom’s new ‘eco-tag’ which helps travelers make better-informed decisions on travel and sustainability, securing articles on how the hotel industry can drive forward this movement in Green Lodging News, Hospitality Technology, Boutique Hotel News and other target industry press. We also launched Bidroom’s new concept uGO, a ready-to-use travel platform giving your members instant rewards which showcased the Bidroom team’s tech credentials.

Abode Worldwide also teamed up with Bidroom to create a variety of inbound content for its website as well as in support of its I Meet Hotel events. From SEO-charged blogs, company newsletters and email marketing to on-trend industry whitepapers and podcast interview questions, Abode created a broad range of expert content to drive brand awareness and traffic.


To date, over 29,000 coverage views have been reached through our media campaigns, and Bidroom has been covered in target industry press including Travolution, Hotel Management International, and Travel Daily Media, with a readership of 790,000 Through thought leadership development and our media outreach program, Bidroom achieved industry recognition and a global presence in its sector.

Media results

29,000 coverage views, 790,000 readership


Hospitality Technology, Hospitality Net, Hotelier and Design Magazine, Hotel Management International, Green Lodging News, Boutique Hotel News, Travolution, Travel Daily Media, Proven Principles Podcast


Enhanced brand recognition, thought leadership development, regular commentary opportunities, new press opportunities, global presence, education and awareness of uGO

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