Stronger together: How public relations and content work hand in hand

A targeted public relations strategy elevates your company’s reputation, taking it to the next level. In contrast, an expert-led content creation plan educates your potential customers and drives them further down the sales funnel. Both have the power to differentiate your company from its lodging sector competitors. And both are essential parts of your potential marketing arsenal.

Maybe your current business strategy already includes one of these elements, maybe it includes both. But are they working together? A true B2B marketing powerhouse is formed when public relations and content join forces and work together in tandem.

Public relations and content creation – what’s the difference?

By definition, public relations uses strategic communications to raise a brand up as a thought leader in a specific industry – it builds reputations. Effective public relations forms valuable relationships with industry press, your customers and potential partners or investors – it shapes how your company is perceived.

Content creation, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy that focuses on consistently delivering on-trend, expert information on a brand’s own website or social media platform. Great content attracts, educates and converts a target audience into loyal customers. It drives sales conversations and establishes the brand as a leader in their sector – be that short term rentals, multifamily or hotels.

4 reasons why public relations and content creation are better together

  1. They both build reputations

    Public relations and content creation are best friends – especially at an agency like Abode Worldwide where the two teams work collaboratively. Despite their clear differences, public relations and content creation share the same goal: to spread awareness of a brand’s key message. Where public relations achieves this through media coverage and credibility building with our Rise program, content creation delivers in-depth answers to customer questions or longer-form industry content to showcase sector expertise with our Shine program.

    Executed well, owned content, on a company website, can amplify messages being seeded in thought leadership articles or campaigns by the public relations team. It’s subtle. But mighty powerful as a combination.

  2. They amplify each other

    Public relations has the strength to raise the profile of lodging tech pioneers, and content can make this increased brand awareness shine through expert hospitality technology and proptech knowledge. Amplification is hugely valuable to lodging tech companies in building their reputations in their verticals.

    For example, a public relations campaign might secure a speaking opportunity at an industry conference, a podcast slot and a thought leadership article in an industry publication for your CEO – all effective platforms from which to articulate and reiterate your messaging to customers and the wider sector. Meanwhile, content can be created to support this campaign and amplify its reach – we call this the ripple effect. Blogs on the website, a gated whitepaper delivering supporting data and a company newsletter can all boost the simultaneous public relations work. That’s team work.

  3. They create a consistent brand message

    Both strategies are driving home the same message; your hospitality tech brand is a leader in your lodging sector. This creates a consistent, unified, and strong brand for your customers, allowing for trust to be built between them and your business.

  4. They reach further and higher

    How we decide to absorb information is different for everybody. Some listen to a podcast during their morning commute. Others scan the news over coffee. And then there are those who wish to dive deeper, to fully understand their options before investing. These people are looking for long-form content, such as whitepapers or reports. Combining public relations and content enables tech companies to widen their reach and satisfy everybody looking to learn more about the brand, the solution, and the company – from the C-suite to investors, from potential customers to potential employees.

Switch your mindset from thinking public relations and content creation are mutually exclusive. If you want to supercharge your company’s progress, harness both services so they can work together effectively – get in touch for a discovery call to find out how we do it at Abode Worldwide.

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