Company Overview

BOOM is a visual content production and management platform, enabling brands to create, edit, organize and collaborate on their visual assets. A well-funded scale up, BOOM aims to transform the way companies approach their visual content. From ecommerce fashion, food delivery and real estate to marketing, creative and digital agencies, BOOM is breaking into new markets with its tech-forward solution. Expanding beyond the realms of photo and video production, the team has grown rapidly as the digital asset management platform side of the business developed and strengthened. BOOM is continually pushing out new features and innovative solutions to offer brands a seamless, creative and effective visual content experience.

“Abode has been instrumental in the development of BOOM’s communication plan. Throughout our collaboration, the team was receptive to our needs and eager to support our projects with constructive and valuable input, leading to the delivery of impeccable content each and every single time.”

Lucie Gautheron, Content Marketing, BOOM

The Challenge

Abode Worldwide partnered with BOOM to create SEO-charged, sector-specific blogs for its website on a monthly basis. Initially, we delivered content focused on the real estate and short-term rental sectors, drawing on our deep insight in these markets. As BOOM developed its offering and expanded into being a content management platform, we flexed our offering by working closely with the client, listening to their needs and adapting our content strategy accordingly.


Our Solution

Abode Worldwide created a wide range of content for BOOM, from blogs focused on attracting the right talent to pieces targeting the customer awareness stage of the sales funnel.  Each piece of content aligned with our core campaigns: to raise brand awareness and level up BOOM’s content library.


Data-driven, SEO-charged blogs sharing invaluable tips and insights for BOOM customers further cemented BOOM’s positioning as a go-to visual content brand – for both products and reliable information. Expert B2B content strengthened the website, its reputation and encouraged conversions, enhancing BOOM’s online presence in a critical stage of its growth journey.

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