Company Overview

Uplisting is an all-in-one property and channel management software, built specifically for growing short-term rental businesses. Launched in 2017, after the co-founders met while working at HouseTrip (sold to TripAdvisor) Uplisting has stayed close to its roots as a truly reliable software that is shaped by its own community, many of whom are active company investors. Uplisting now works with property managers across the globe, helping them to increase revenue, decrease inefficiencies, create 5-star guest experiences and sustainably grow.


The Challenge

When Uplisting approached Abode Worldwide in September 2021, the tech startup’s primary ambition was to communicate its credentials to property managers everywhere as a truly reliable all-in-one booking and management platform. Establishing its co-founder – tech-savvy entrepreneur Vince Breslin – as a respected thought leader in the short-term rental space, as well as amplifying Uplisting’s growing network of partner integrations using our broad sphere of industry media contacts was a pivotal strategy towards achieving this goal.

Defiant in the company’s decision to grow without traditional VC funding for the first five years, with bold subsequent decisions taken to secure funding later on, Uplisting’s compelling growth journey made for a further story to be shared with the help of tactical, targeted pitching to our wider media connections.


Our Solution

We leveraged Uplisting’s funding journey through a press release and targeted pitching, packaged as the compelling story of how Vince managed to secure $300k through a Twitter DM. This secured coverage from the likes of Business Insider, Skift, Phocuswire and Travolution, elevating Uplisting’s presence as a bold entrepreneurial challenger brand – both within and outside of the short-term rental industry. Abode Worldwide also partnered with Uplisting to create expert, industry-focused inbound content for its website.


Working closely with the Uplisting team, we were able to level up the brand’s thought leadership in the short-term rental industry by securing speaking opportunities for Vince in podcasts and webinars including SlickTalk: The Hospitality Podcast, TechNest and RockSTRz, as well as authoring expert opinion articles for the likes of Phocuswire, Travel Daily News, Travolution and VRMA Arrival. In addtion, Uplistings finding journey was featured by Business Insider.

Data-driven blogs and case studies generate awareness of Uplisting as well as answering key pain-point questions for potential partners, and have to date resulted in a 33% lift in total traffic to the website and a 42% lift in organic search.

Total coverage stats

120 thousand coverage views, 860 social engagements, 53 million readership, 36 coverage hits

Coverage & speaking opportunities

Business Insider, Skift, Phocuswire, Travolution, SlickTalk: The Hospitality Podcast, TechNest, ShortTermRentalz, Travel Daily News, PropTech Espresso, Travolution, VRMA Arrival.


Enhanced brand recognition, regular commentary opportunities, industry recognition, award shortlists, new partnerships, new press opportunities, global presence, education and awareness of new technology, increased leads and partnerships.

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