Company Overview

Apaleo is an open property management platform that serves hotel and serviced apartment groups worldwide. With its API-first approach, Apaleo empowers accommodation providers to deliver the ultimate digital experience for both guests and staff. Operating in over 24 countries, Apaleo disrupts traditional hospitality software models by shifting from single-vendor suites to best-of-breed technology ecosystems. Customers include CitizenM, Limehome, easyHotel and McDreams Hotels.


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The Challenge

In May 2023, Apaleo approached Abode with the objective of cementing its status as a leader in modern property management software for hotels and serviced apartments. While Apaleo had already established a strong presence in the DACH (German-speaking) market, a significant challenge was to expand its reach throughout the rest of Europe and the US. Additionally, Apaleo aimed to educate the industry about the future-proof benefits of MACH/API-first architecture, demonstrating how this approach enables superior software ecosystems.

“The team at Abode Worldwide is just awesome to work with. They’re not just in for the job; they genuinely care about our success, and it shows in everything they do. Their professionalism, expertise, and passion shine through in every interaction, resulting in tangible results in our brand visibility. We confidently recommend Abode Worldwide to any brand seeking impactful PR campaigns and a dedicated partner invested in their success.”

Petra Hancz, Content & Communications Manager, Apaleo
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Our Solution

To address these challenges, Abode collaborated closely with Apaleo to devise a PR strategy that not only heightened brand awareness in new markets but also positioned Apaleo as a thought leader within the industry. Our approach focused on:

Educating the industry

We leveraged high-level thought leadership content and speaking opportunities to inform the industry about the advantages of MACH architecture.

Showcasing success through case studies

By highlighting partnerships with some of the most renowned brands in the hospitality sector, we showcased Apaleo’s expertise and success. These case studies served to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Leveraging data for insight

We utilized Apaleo’s extensive data to provide valuable industry statistics, offering a barometer for performance and showcasing the scale of Apaleo’s impact.

Through this comprehensive strategy, Abode aimed to not only expand Apaleo’s market presence but also establish the brand as an authoritative voice in property management technology.


The strategic PR efforts led by the Abode team yielded outstanding results for Apaleo in less than a year. We secured a remarkable total of 69 coverage hits in respected industry publications, marking a staggering 475% increase in media presence compared to the previous year. This significant boost in visibility ensured that all key brand messages were effectively communicated, greatly enhancing Apaleo’s market presence.

The valuable earned coverage was crafted to resonate with and engage our target audience, ensuring that the core benefits and differentiators of Apaleo’s platform were clearly understood. This strategic messaging not only broadened Apaleo’s visibility but also substantially increased its ability to attract and convert prospects. The number of prospects Apaleo reached expanded dramatically, with combined Unique Visitor Metrics (UVM) surging by 18,400% during our partnership.

We also maintained a robust presence in the DACH market through quarterly data reports, while simultaneously expanding our footprint in other regions.

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