Don’t stop communicating during times of uncertainty

To communicate – to share or exchange information, news or ideas

During the current climate of uncertainty, the knee jerk reaction is to keep quiet and batten down the hatches. However, in times of crisis, the best way to maintain business relationships and to reassure your workforce is to communicate.

In a digital age, communication is entirely possible even with social distancing and isolation in place and furthermore, social media is the only place where everyone is hanging out right now.

So why should your business keep talking to its stakeholders?

  • To reassure employees – people always come first and if your workforce is at home, it’s even more essential to keep communication channels open to give them confidence
  • To maintain relationships with customers/partners
  • To demonstrate CSR – corporate social responsibility, are you putting any special measures in place?
  • To educate – customers/clients/investors about your business and how it is weathering the crisis, what expertise can you offer?
  • To build for the future – for when the crisis passes and the inevitable recovery begins.

Hanging out on social media is all very well but how is the best way to get your message out there in a way which is sympathetic to the situation?

  • Content – there is only one topic of conversation at this time, but use this as an opportunity to tell the industry about what practical solutions your business is putting in place to help customers. Also, can you offer support or any expertise to other businesses? Information sharing and peer-to-peer support is welcomed during these times and might cement new working relationships for the future
  • Data – what data can your business offer up to the industry as a whole to educate and inform people to help them make decisions
  • Tone and language – be aware and sensitive towards the anxiety people are currently experiencing. The tone of your business’s social media accounts needs to be measured and calm and above all, informed

Now is not the time to shut up shop and to stop reaching out to employees, customers, clients, investors and industry leaders. Now is the time to talk, to talk on the channels which are open to us and to talk in the right way for your business and the current climate.

If you need any guidance or support on how best to manage your communications, please do get in touch.

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