The importance of a strong PR strategy for hospitality proptech brands

Recent global events have only reinforced the importance of B2B content for companies in the hospitality tech sector. For almost two years, property tech businesses were forced to switch strategies in order to drive home sales, as in-person events and face-to-face meetings came to an abrupt halt. Now the world is opening up again, 48% of marketing teams plan to increase their budgets, likely after realizing how these ‘temporary fixes’ contributed to a stronger marketing strategy.

Content creation: the what, the how, and the why

  • B2B content marketing is the use of digital content in a variety of formats to engage, educate, inform, nurture and convert prospective customers into qualified leads.
  • It directly influences the sales process and is a subtle, successful way of speaking to your ideal target market in a direct yet non-salesy tone.
  • Benefits include raised brand awareness for a wider audience reach, increased connections with consumers leading to boosted conversions and retention, and enhanced traffic driven to your website.

So what’s your content creation strategy?

A water-tight B2B content strategy is all in the planning. First, you must set clear goals. Next, identify your target market. Then you can begin to set into motion how you’re going to achieve your plans through creating and delivering valuable content.

This isn’t going to be the same for every business. Content can take on many forms. Inbound content, for example, may look like blogs, whitepapers, case studies, newsletters, and emails. But then there are industry press opportunities for targeted articles, podcast appearances, and interviews where your leading spokesperson can establish a thought leadership position in your field of expertise.

And, don’t forget about social media. Are you utilizing the dominating channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) for targeted advertising? In Hubspot’s State of Marketing Report for 2022, marketers ranked social media as the top channel for marketing this year, with website blogs taking a close second.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all; your content strategy needs to be tailored to the size of your brand and the ambitions you want to reach. This is why it’s vital to have public relations experts in your corner to help you create a specialized plan for the marketing of your property tech product/business.

The power of inbound content creation

Content, done well, is a way for your business to be discovered and considered. These days, it’s not uncommon for customers to be bombarded with hundreds of options from competitors. However, the likelihood is the majority of these sale pitches are direct, an approach that can be somewhat off-putting to those looking to make an informed decision for a long-term investment. Cut through this noise with targeted (yet subtle) educational content that organically places your service/platform on their radar.

And while this content sets the tone that your business is highly knowledgeable in your given area, the SEO-charged language will be working hard behind the scenes to boost your search engine rankings and brand reach.

At Abode Worldwide, we make it our number one priority to form fantastic working relationships with our clients. This gives us greater insight, allowing us to understand our clients and their products inside out, which inspires the writing of inbound content that converts.

How to generate sales with press opportunities

We nurture our relationships with key media contacts in the hospitality proptech industry so that once our team has written your content, be that an opinion article or a customer case study, we can pitch your stories to receptive publications. Press coverage is typically more successful if a third party, such as a reputable public relations agency that is skilled and well versed in hospitality technology media relations, pitches on your behalf – something to consider if you are finding your pitches going unanswered.

Another reason why sometimes it’s more beneficial to outsource your public relations and content strategy is that B2B specialists, like Abode Worldwide, are knee-deep in the industry and media every single day. This means we are up to speed with all the latest news, on top of industry trends, and have access to the latest data, helping you stay ahead of the curve and give expert thoughts on pressing matters while they’re still a hot topic.

Abode Worldwide

We make it our business at Abode Worldwide to support companies in creating digital content that is both engaging and informative in order to support sales and marketing teams reach their goals. We use our expertise and connections in the industry to help build tomorrow’s thought leaders and raise awareness of technology brands within the hospitality space.

Ready to boost your business strategy with super-charged content? Let’s talk about what working together would be like.

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