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Petra Hancz, Content & Communications Manager, Apaleo

“Abode Worldwide has been an invaluable partner in elevating Apaleo’s brand visibility over the past year. Through their tailored strategies and deep market understanding, they secured media attention across various relevant industry channels for us.”

Petra Hancz, Content & Communications Manager, Apaleo

“The team at Abode Worldwide is just awesome to work with. They’re not just in for the job; they genuinely care about our success, and it shows in everything they do. Their professionalism, expertise, and passion shine through in every interaction, resulting in tangible results in our brand visibility. We confidently recommend Abode Worldwide to […]

Natasha Billing, CMO, SHR Group

“We knew we had fantastic amounts of data, we knew we had key insights to offer the industry but the team at Abode Worldwide were absolutely instrumental in showing us how great we could be. Our Hotel Industry Trends Report 2024, which they guided from start to finish, is like nothing else we’ve done before and […]

Andy Fenner, CEO of the Short Term Accommodation Association

“The Abode team has exceeded our expectations at every turn, with an unparalleled ability to craft compelling narratives and connect with our members, stakeholders, and the public. Their innovative approach to media relations has helped us navigate complex situations with ease, ensuring the STAA and short term let sector remain strong and resilient in today’s […]

Andy Fenner, CEO of the Short Term Accommodation Association

“Partnering with Abode has been a game changer for the STAA. From the moment we engaged their services, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment to our success. What sets Abode apart is their dedication to understanding the unique needs of a trade association and our sector, tailoring their strategies […]

Sally Henry, VP Business Development EMEA, Key Data

“It’s a pleasure to work with the team at Abode Worldwide. The collaboration and innovation that now characterizes everything we do in PR has been so worthwhile. They understand our objectives, deliver measurable, global campaigns and are professional to a T”.

Laura Woolard, VP Marketing, Lavanda

“We have found a true partnership with Abode Worldwide. As a growing business in the PropTech industry, we were looking for an agency with an in-depth understanding of the markets in which we operate to give our company more visibility.  They have proven to be a top-tier PR firm with a knack for delivering results […]

Marc Hoes, Associate Director of Marketing, Bob W

“Our partnership with Abode Worldwide has played an important part in this journey. As a company that thrives on efficiency and top-tier results, we find Abode’s ability to convert our strategic goals into compelling market actions indispensable. Abode Worldwide excels in channeling our brand’s vision into dynamic and result-oriented campaigns that resonate with our audience. […]

Mark Simpson, Founder, Boostly

“As a business owner, one of my biggest pain points is being reactive to press opportunities. Having the Abode team on my side means that they’re always there to get me in front of those opportunities and make sure I don’t miss them, which has been massive. The Abode team has been fantastic and I’ve […]

Bob Garner, Founder, EnviroRental

“Abode Worldwide took the time to understand what makes EnviroRental tick truly. Their skill lies in taking our essence, liberally sprinkling us with their halo dust, and presenting us to the target audiences, who then wanted to engage with us. They opened doors that I could never have done alone. Thank you, Abode Worldwide!”

Mike Liverton, Chairman, Jetstream

“Their ability to also react to real-time media / press opportunities has demonstrated how professional and responsive they are to really maximising visibility for their clients. We look forward to a continued fun and successful partnership with Jessica and her team.”  

Lucie Gautheron, Content Marketing, BOOM

“Abode has been instrumental in the development of BOOM’s communication plan. Throughout our collaboration, the team was receptive to our needs and eager to support our projects with constructive and valuable input, leading to the delivery of impeccable content each and every single time.”