On July 14th, 2021, Abode Worldwide joined BOOM, Guesty and TravMedia for a webinar hosted by ShortTermRentalz

The RockSTRz webinar featured an expert panel, which included our director, Jessica Gillingham, discussing “The importance of effective PR for hospitality businesses”.

The topics covered included everything from how different PR agencies and teams have been leading the way in the industry during the pandemic, how hospitality businesses can create clear, effective and varied PR campaigns, how to build a strong relationship with media personalities and create strong, unique content together, and why communication has never been more important than during a crisis.

Jessica was joined by Lauren Gumport, director of global communications and brand strategy at Guesty, Jacopo Benedetti, co-founder of BOOM, and Louise Napier, business development director at TravMedia, while the event was hosted by Paul Stevens, editor for ShortTermRentalz.

Listen to what Jessica and the others had to say: