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4 macro lodging trends to watch in 2023

INSIGHTS: Are you a lodging brand looking to get ahead of the curve this year? Here are 4 top trends you need to know in 2023 to make smart, strategic business decisions.

The top 5 hotel tech trends disrupting the sector right now

INSIGHTS: Top five hotel tech trends for 2023. Which innovations are disrupting the hotel sector and how will they benefit the guest experience?

The business of business travel & the short-term rental sector

INSIGHT: There’s much to be excited about in the vacation and short-term rental industry right now. With challenge and disruption comes opportunity.

Futurizing: Metaverse, remote working and how we meet the demand for places to stay

INSIGHT: Recently I watched Mark Zuckerberg’s video release announcing their re-brand to Meta and his plans for Facebook’s Metaverse.

The future of short-term rentals is in its merging

INSIGHT: I recently attended Skift’s inaugural The Future of Lodging Forum in New York City. The focus of the event was to dissect and debate the ‘great merging’ of hotels and short-term rentals. 

Five ways Abode Worldwide builds strong thought leaders

INSIGHT: Hospitality technology PR: How public relations builds successful thought leaders with B2B communication strategies - the top 5 key elements.

5 things we’ve learned over 5 years in the lodging industry

INSIGHT: How to become an expert in B2B technology PR for the hospitality industry: what our agency has learned over 5 years in public relations.

5 tips for becoming a thought leader in Build to Rent / Multifamily tech

INSIGHT: B2B businesses and their leadership teams have understood the value of a thought leadership strategy for some time now.

Flex living? Digital nomadism? The new buzzwords in the short-term rental industry

INSIGHT: Here we unpick the top buzzwords that the industry needs to take note of now and why they matter to every short-term rental business.

The acceleration of contactless tech adoption in vacation rentals

INSIGHT: A robust, forward-thinking B2B PR strategy goes way beyond sending out a few standard press releases. Instead, if you want to grow the reputation of your lodging tech business – you will need a laser-sharp PR strategy.

Why 2021 will be “The Year of Operations”

INSIGHT: As 2020 draws to a close, we’ve all experienced a great deal of challenge, uncertainty and, at times, absolute turmoil. The impact of the global pandemic has been felt universally and has impacted each and every one of us to a greater or lesser degree – both personally and professionally. 

Easing traveller anxiety and rebuilding trust in the short-term rental industry

INSIGHT: Although none of us can predict the future and what that might look like, what we can be assured of is that the demand for travel will return once the global lockdown eases.