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Hotel Tech Trends Powering Hospitality in 2024

INSIGHT: Want to learn what hotel tech trends will impact the hospitality sector in 2024? We've got you covered with 7 trends to keep an eye on.

The Hospitality Conference Guide 2024

RESOURCES: Whether you're a tech vendor, hotel operator, owner or investor, here’s a comprehensive guide to finding your hospitality conference in 2024.

4 macro lodging trends to watch in 2023

INSIGHTS: Are you a lodging brand looking to get ahead of the curve this year? Here are 4 top trends you need to know in 2023 to make smart, strategic business decisions.

The top 5 hotel tech trends disrupting the sector right now

INSIGHTS: Top five hotel tech trends for 2023. Which innovations are disrupting the hotel sector and how will they benefit the guest experience?

Bidroom: our newest client in the hotel sector

NEWS: We are thrilled to announce that we have been chosen as the PR and Content agency for Bidroom, the first membership-based travel marketplace.