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Hostaway Webinar: Vacation Rental Trends 2023

Our CEO, Jessica Gillingham, joined a group of industry experts for Hostaway’s annual predictions webinar where they discussed the key trends they expect to see in the vacation rental sector in 2023.

Jessica moderated a panel consisting of Marcus Rader (Hostaway), Steve Milo (VTrips), Simon Lehmann (AJL Atelier), Jeremy Gall (Breezeway), and Andrew Kitchell (Wheelhouse).

-Topics covered included: ADR’s and occupancy
-How to operate in a recession or with economic headwinds
-Which areas (regions, types of listings) will fare better compared to others?
-Convergence of inventory – flexible living, multi family, live/work arrangements
-Tech consolidation – will it continue?
-How to stand out in marketing (airbnb’s new search has flexible location)
-OTA Developments in 2023 – what would we like to see?
-Brand building and professionalization of property managers in 2023

Click below to watch the full webinar:

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