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ChatGPT: how does the AI tool assist public relations and content?

INSIGHTS: With the rise in conversation around ChatGPT, we outline the AI tool’s pros and cons and dive into how it affects hospitality tech public relations and content.

Why the short term rental sector needs to focus more on sustainability

INSIGHTS: Sustainability is vital for the progress of the short term rental sector. That’s why we recently supported the launch of EnviroRental, an information hub for the sector.

Five top tips to maximize your short term rental media coverage

INSIGHTS: Want to turn media wins into true success for your short term rental tech business? Here are five ways you can leverage press hits and coverage.

Ebook: Short term rental technology and the power of strategic public relations

RESOURCES: In this comprehensive ebook, short term rental tech leaders will learn the key signs that your start-up needs public relations support. The difference between strategy, planning, and SMART objectives.

Five key elements to executing a winning thought leadership strategy

INSIGHTS: Thought leadership is a vital element of a winning B2B hospitality tech public relations strategy. Here are our five best tips and tricks to get you started…

Hospitality tech – why data storytelling is so powerful for your brand

INSIGHTS: Looking to elevate your hospitality tech brand? Here’s how public relations and data storytelling can help you boost your reputation, scale, and reach your goals.

Lodging tech focus: Why content will always work harder than advertising

INSIGHTS: Ever wondered what the difference is between advertising and content marketing? We outline 5 reasons why content marketing will always be superior.

Public Relations & SEO: Does it really matter?

INSIGHTS: For years, PR and SEO have worked separately to generate traction for companies big and small - but is combining the two as powerful as the experts say?

Does your business have a crisis communications strategy?

INSIGHTS: Even if your property management company has done its homework and is well-versed in what to do in a crisis, it’s always a good idea to reassess your communications strategy.

4 macro lodging trends to watch in 2023

INSIGHTS: Are you a lodging brand looking to get ahead of the curve this year? Here are 4 top trends you need to know in 2023 to make smart, strategic business decisions.

The top 5 hotel tech trends disrupting the sector right now

INSIGHTS: Top five hotel tech trends for 2023. Which innovations are disrupting the hotel sector and how will they benefit the guest experience?

Jessica Gillingham on ShortTermRentalz Webinar: Trends 2023

NEWS: Our founder and CEO, Jessica Gillingham, was delighted to feature in ShortTermRentalz latest webinar discussing upcoming trends in 2023.